Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Lasso'd By My Insulin Pump Tubing - AGAIN

And lucky for me, DOCers on the twitter related and laughed with me. 
Basically, yours truly walked into her kitchen, turned the corner and was literally lasso’d by one of her stove's gas burner knobs. 
The knobs (dials?) rest on the front of the stove and directly above the oven door, not on tap, which keeps things interesting
The more I tried to untangle myself, the more tangled up I became. 
And of course I reached for my phone to document, but it was in the other room... on the couch. 
I tried the stove's knob/dial, but that sucker was on there tight and having hand surgery didn’t help the situation.
I finally disconnected from my pump infusion site and was able to pry the knob off with my hands, then I slowly untangled form the 1/2 an inch metal part thingy that the dial/knob fit on. 

Crisis averted and I laughed out loud because:
A. It was funny
B. Nothing terrible happened, being mad would have been wasted energy.

Thanks to my pump tubing, I’ve also been lasso’d by doorknobs, ledges, edges, my car’s emergency break, seat belts, the occasional belt loop (mine and others,) body parts, (mine and others,) and everything in-between. 
It’s part of the living with the “job” that is diabetes, and wearing an insulin pump with tubing. 
And yes, I know that I can tape the tubing to my abdomen, but my belly real-estate is limited.  

BUT I may try taping the tubing, thus making it look like an actual lasso.... Also,  

Squad Goals
I think we can all agree that if we didn't laugh at the D craziness, we'd go nuts. 
And personally, I need more laughs as of late

So if you’ve been lasso’d with your pump’s tubing or some other D accessory, feel free to share ... or not. 

Either way, I hope this post made you smile! 


Rick Phillips said...

Once I literally fell down with a suit on because my pump tube lassoed a door knob on a school door. The principal came out and asked if I was ok. No, I said, your door lassoed me. We both laughed like we were out of our mind. She had been watching on the Closed camera when it happened. It was a big hit with the school staff for several weeks.

Marie Smith said...

For me it's the oven door handle. I swear it reaches out and grabs my pump tubing the gobbles it up. It's always trapped in this little end cap thing. Then I try to walk away and, nooooot going anywhere.