Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Interesting Links On The Interwebz - Some Diabetes Related, Some Not

Sharing some interesting links on the interwebz, some D related, some not. 

Shoutout to the Chicago Tribune for recently publishing the article: Dealing With Diabetes Distress. Not only did the article acknowledge and validate Diabetes Distress, they educated the public by shinning a spotlight on it. 

Does your oven pose a serious threat to your insulin pump and or CGM by way of an induction hob inducing magnetic fields? 
Checkout THIS informative article by JDRF, UK to learn more.

The American Diabetes Association has published a new retinopathy position statement and it’s good news

There’s a #MarchforHealth happening on April 1st in DC and various cities across the country. Want to learn more and participate? of course you do! 
Here’s the LINK! 

I love instagram, I have an instagram account, and as of late I’ve been slightly obsessed with pie maker extroidinare, @Jojoromancer’s account. 

I've also become obsessed with Skinny & Company's coconut oil products. 

In February, two of my articles were published over at Mango Health
The first was all about “taking your diabetes to work,” and the second focused on purchasing whole, healthy, organic, pesticide food without breaking the bank!
I hope you l dig! 

My paper focusing on the word choices that healthcare professionals use when interacting with their patients and used to describe people living with diabetes, was published in The Plaid Journal.
 I’m incredibly proud and honored and hope you will give it a read!

Rick Phillips is a fantastical advocate and friend and his post re: low blood sugars and being a "prick"  is both honest and genius. IT! 

Travelbetic has shares how people with diabetes can experience the U.S. National Parks by obtaining a free travel pass. Read all about it, HERE. 

Mark your calendars - the season 9 premiere of Ru Paul's Drag Race, is set for March 24 at 8/7 c. "Werk It!" 

Lastly, tonight’s #DSMA chat on twitter (Wednesday night, 9pm, EST,) is an important one!
Diabetes Advocate, Blogger, amazing chick, Heather Gabel will be hosting. 
Read the deets below and in Heather's own words!   
"Calling all friends who #dsma! Tomorrow night I will be hosting a special #DSMA twitter chat. I am a teaching assistant for a class of 111 undergrad students and will be lecturing Thursday on "When Healthcare System Fail." I assigned them homework to watch the twitter chat and take screenshots of the tweets that resonate with them or challenge their thinking. It would mean the world to me if you could pop in and educate these healthcare professionals in training. Join us on twitter tomorrow at 9pm EST! Below are the tentative questions I'm planning to ask! 

Q1. What do you see as your primary role as a patient within the healthcare system? #dsma 
Q2. How would you categorize/describe yourself as a patient? (Ex: Sick & Savvy, Online & Onboard, Casual & Cautious, etc)? #dsma
Q3. What is the most common misconception about diabetes you see healthcare providers make? #dsma 
Q4. Have you ever needed more than you were able to get from a healthcare provider? Explain? #dsma
Q5. Why do you think community-run events/services like #dsma are needed by people with diabetes? #dsma 
Q6. Healthcare systems sometimes fail to meet patient needs. What can you do to make sure you and others like you get the care you need? #dsma 
Q7. If you could talk to a classroom of future healthcare providers, what would you tell them? #dsma 
Let me know if you think a question needs to be adjusted. Can't wait to hear your responses!"

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Thanks so much for the shout out Kelly. I am so excited to be mentioned.