Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Kismet: Attending #2018ADA As A Guest Reporter For Ascensia

Kismet has been occurring as of late and I'm embracing it!
For instance, I was able to attend The American Diabetes Association's 78th Scientific Sessions last week in balmy (code for UBER HUMID,) Orlando, Florida - and thanks to Ascensia Diabetes Care, who hired me to write a 3-part series re: my experiences as a person living with diabetes attending ADA. acting as their official on-site Guest Reporter for ADA 2018. 

ADA was awe inspiring; incredibly overwhelming, physically never ending, a total sensory overload, and IT WAS AMAZING! 
I learned so much, met incredible people,  reconnected with diabetes friends and colleagues. 
My first post is up and running and it's all about diabetes data; dtech, helping other people with diabetes in under-served communities and a very cool WHISK. Click  HERE and give a read!

As always, while Ascensia paid for my flight, hotel, and travel expenses, and provided me  
with an honorarium for my time and skills - ALL THOUGHTS are mine and mine alone. 


Rick Phillips said...

Oh this rocks.

Unknown said...

That awesome experience but make sure you help yourself and friends with this its reverse my diabetes,I hope its help some too!