Monday, July 9, 2018

I'm Off To #FFLOrlando18

I'm heading back to Orlando this morning to attend the Children With Diabetes, Friends For Life Conference, at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort. 
And #FFLOrlando18 on the Social Media - and I can't wait! 
This is my 6th year attending (which blows my mind,) and it's a week of being surrounded by people who "get diabetes in all dimensions." 
It's a week of sessions about living with diabetes and support. A week where green and orange bracelets rule, carb counts on all the group meals are the norm, not the exception, and official low blood sugar stations are around every turn. 
It's a lot of laughter, a few tears, and an enormous amount of hugging with friends you haven't seen in 365 days, friends you ate breakfast with, or friends you just met!
It's meeting new friends at every turn because if you wear a green or orange bracelet - you are immediately part of the gang. 
I received/responded, to the following text from one of my DMama friends last week, who wanted to make sure I had enough juice boxes and water in my room because she knows me (and she knows my preference for Elmo Fruit Punch Juice boxes;) she gets me, and she knows and gets diabetes. 
I think it perfectly sums up how the friends you make at the Children With Diabetes, Friends For Life conference - really do become friends for life! 

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Rick Phillips said...

Have fun, say hi to my friend Trip Stoner (security guard, night scout speaker this week). Tell everyone who dislikes me I said hello as well, and that I am thinking of them,, I am I promise.