Friday, November 30, 2018

#SafetyIsThePoint: How to Safely Dispose of Used Sharps (Safe Needle Disposal)

It’s a fact, if you or someone you love lives with diabetes, you use a never ending amount of sharps. 
Sharps include: Needles, lancets, auto injectors for cgms, and tubing/infusion sets, connection needle sets on a daily basis. 

Over 9 million people with diabetes and other chronic conditions dispose of 3 billion sharps a year!  
A. That’s a hell of a lot of sharps
B. How the heck do we dispose of them safely and properly? 

 First: All used sharps must be placed in an FDA cleared sharps disposal container found via pharmacies, medical supply companies, or online. 

Luckily, most of us already have everything we need at home to dispose of sharps safely and in the form of a strong plastic container - either and empty laundry detergent or bleach bottle.
My Current Sharps Container & not filled up yet!
Bottles must be leak-resistant, remain upright, and have a tight-fitting, puncture-resistant lid. 
When the container is about 3/4 full, seal the lid closed and label the bottle, then follow guidelines for proper disposal at

FTR: Some cities allow in-home trash disposal others require used sharps to be taken to drop-off locations. 

Sidebar: After I entered my zip on in the field to find local safe disposal options, I was shocked to discover that I had 3 needle disposal locations within a 12 mile radius - and the closest was 1 mile away! I HAD NO IDEA. 

No matter what, sharps should NEVER be put in the recyclables, thrown in the trash or down the toilet! 

If your state allows for home disposal, seal and label your strong container, seal the lid and discard with trash. DO NOT RECYCLE. 

Click HERE to find a list of companies offering mail back and container programs.
Checkout other disposal options, HERE. 

The video below is 60 seconds long and shows you how to safely dispose of used sharps.

This post is sponsored by SafeNeedleDisposal.Org, run by NeedyMeds, a 501(c)(3) national non profit. Read more about them by clicking on the following link:
As always: These thoughts are mine and if I didn’t think sharps disposal was important in our lives with diabetes and our planet - I wouldn’t post about it! 

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Rick Phillips said...

Cool beans !!! Oh and by the way, I am so darn glad I have a medical waste disposal facility that is free to residents less than 2 miles away. We drop in on our way to Qdoba and they even give us a free sharps container. Oh yeah now that is some living right there.