Monday, March 18, 2013

What Is This "Traveling Light," of Which You Speak?

My  niece & I, & my ruck sack stratigically out of the pic
My friends who are family~
I went to NYC this past Saturday with friends who are family to once again see my niece Cristin’s B’way play, ONCE.

We left to trek up to the city at 8:30 a.m. and the minute I got in the car my friends asked: What’s with the ruck sack, Kelly? Come on, do you really need all that stuff?  Can't you just travel light? 
And I was like: What is this 'traveling light' of which you speak? 
But I had to admit, my day bag was big and bulky - But I needed everything in there. 
So  I explained the contents of my bag. 

1. My iPad. My printer was broken and I’d downloaded the train schedules and had another page completely devoted to places to eat in a 6 block vicinity of the Bernard B Jacobs Theater.  Also, I LOVE taking pictures with my iPad so I needed that. 

2. My DBag with my glucose meter, full vial of tests-trips - Can’t not bring them.

4. Lets not forget the forget the four KIND bars I had just in case I got low - which I did on the drive home from NYC. 
FYI: KindSnacks send me those bars to review - I am not being paid to mention them, but I do like them  - A LOT.

 5. An umbrella because it was supposed to rain, instead it snowed. 

6. An extra pair of pseudo fluffy black socks because sometimes my Princess & The Pea feet need extra cushioning when I walk around the city.  And since I was walking in my leather/waterproof/snow proof fake Doc Martin Sketchers I definitely needed the extra pair of socks option.

7. Did I mention my back up insulin pump batteries, bottle of insulin, back up pump  reservoirs & infusion sets that were in zipped up tight in a zip lock bag? NO BRAINER.

8. There was my 16 ounce bottle of water - Because I drink more water than anyone I know.

9. My wallet/makeup bag - They are one in the same and I won’t leave home without that!

Hairbrush - Self explanatory

10. My cell phone - DO YOU EVEN HAVE TO ASK? 

 11. My hat - which I eventually put on when it started to snow.  With that being said I should have left the umbrella in the car.

12. My Sephora Time Square purchases - Added later that afternoon, but no less important. 

So when I was done going through the content of my bag my friends said: WOW  - You really do need all those things. 

And I was like: Yeah, I really do because diabetes never allows you to travel light. 

And then we starting talking about ONCE and Cristin and everything else under the sun and when we finally arrived in the city, fabulous time was had by all. 
 The play was amazing, I loved spending time with my niece and my friends, the food spots we hit were damn tasty and  & there was even a semi Naked Cowboy sighting in Times Square, which is something you don't see everyday. 
Well, maybe you do, but it's something I don't see everyday. And for the record - he picked me up - I didn't ask to be picked up~  ;) 

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