Thursday, May 15, 2014

#Dblogweek Day 4:D Mantras And More: Today My Mantra Is All About Diabetes Bootstraps ~

#dblogweek day four, it's all about our D - Mantra's, sayings and or talisman we use to get us out of the D muck. 

So what gets me through the day when diabetes is driving me nuts? 
What are my Diabetes muck busters?  
My D mantras are many and depend on the diabetes day and the diabetes issue(s) at hand.
And today I've decided to share the one that's been stuck in both my head and my heart as of late: 
You have to pull yourself up by your diabetes bootstraps and keep forging ahead.
My parents always taught us that we had no choice but to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and get back up when life felt like knocking us down - They said that phrase all the time and they were right. 

I say it too, or different variations of it, (Come on Kel, pull yourself up by your D bootstraps, girl!) a lot - to myself and to others.
And I believe it. 
And I realize that some days it's very hard to do, diabetes or not. 
I totally get it, I've had many days when the process of getting up was harder than the act of falling down.
But then I remind myself that there's no crime in falling down - Everyone, even the most graceful and sure footed fall - And that it's OK - And sometimes - we need help getting back up - And that's more than ok.  
There's so much strength and beauty in the act of being resilient, of dusting ourselves off, and when needed, asking for backup to "pull ourselves up by our diabetes bootstraps." 

Either on our own or with a helping hand, rising up and moving forward is a beautiful thing. 

Plus, I've always had a thing for boots :)  

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Colleen said...

Isn't it lovely, that we can still hear our parents encouraging us, even when they're not here.
Thanks for a good memory of my own parents!