Friday, May 16, 2014

#DblogWeek Day 5: Some Diabetes Life Hacks - Including Chocolate!

Please forgive the layout issues in today's post, Blogger is being really bitchy - It ate half of my post the first 3 times I tried to upload & it refuses to properly format~ 
Day 5 of #DiabetesBlogWeek is all about Diabetes Life Hacks - We all have them and we all use them - Here are a few of mine -  ENJOY and CHEERS!
I like to keep juice boxes in or on my night table for a middle of the night low blood sugars.
I don't like middle of the night low blood sugars, at all - But I digress.

Anyway, over the years I've learned that for those 2 or 3 juice box nights, 
it's most efficient & mentally less taxing for me to use the first juice box straw 
for the second and if needed, third juicebox.

1 straw for 'multiple juice boxes lows' saves me a heck of lot of time. 

Dealing with each individual straw's wrapping is difficult enough when my blood sugar is normal, but it's damn near impossible for me to unwrap one of those suckers when I'm dealingwith a 3 a.m. blood sugar of 49!
Speaking of juice, if I'm home and I a get low blood sugar before bed, I've pre-determined that that: 
4 ounces of juice comes up to the middle of 
little tiny butler dudein this cute coffee cup. 

And if I'm feeling fancy.....

This little aperitif glass hold 3 ounces of juice.
2 glasses = 6 ounces juice
3 glasses =  9 ounces of juice.

This stemware knowledge helps me from over treating a low!
A few more Diabetes Life Hacks:   
Have you ever forgotten your travel Sharps container? 
No sweat, recycled beauty product container or an empty vitamin bottle  work great!
Speaking of containers, I love me some Diabetes container cuteness! 
Speaking of cute, I keep a spare infusion set and battery in all my handbags (including cute ones,) just in case!

And finally, a tasty Diabetes Life Hack:
32 bittersweet Chocolate Ghiraldelli Baking Chips contain:
10 grams of carbs
Less then 1 gram of fiber
0 grams of sodium
0 grams of cholesterol
0 grams of tans fat
4.5 grams of fat
Are super delicious, travel well in zip lock bags,cute D containers & the likes 

there of~


Karen said...

Great hacks, especially the chocolate chip one. Because I'm always up for some chocolatey goodness!!

Unknown said...

We have a mini fridge in our bedroom for my son's middle of the night lows. Also in said mini fridge may or may not be bottles of hard cider for me...that's another story for another day.

Kelley said...

Nice! I had never thought of reusing straws like that but that's a brilliant idea!

Mike Hoskins said...

Awesome list, K2! I totally do that with sharps containers while traveling, using something like a used Starbucks Frappucino bottle and taping a piece of paper on it that says MEDICAL BIOHAZARD so the cleaning staff can recognize it. Also, I keep a couple juiceboxes in the center console of my car just in case of a Low, and in the past for overnight Lows at home, I've squeezed a juicebox into a plastic cup rather than dealing with those frustrating straw wrappers! Thanks for the list, Kelly!

katy said...

I love your chubby man coffee cup!

Scott E said...

I've used old prescription bottles or old glucose tab bottles (am I the ONLY one who uses glucose tabs anymore?) for travelling with sharps. Or nowadays, I shove everything inside of the recapped kachunker Mio infusion set and toss it in the trash. Believe it or not, many hotels have sharps containers available at no charge, if you ask for one.

Unknown said...

Ok, I have to admit...using the same straw for the additional juice boxes is pure genius. Seriously, when your blood sugar is low unwrapping those bad boys is like trying to dismantle a bomb in slow motion. So I am forever stealing your idea to REPEAT the straw. Haha Thank you!